Quality Policy, Information Management System and Business

The Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity Policies express the Board's commitment to the implementation of decisions within the scope of Promotion, Quality Management, Information Security and Business Continuity, considering them fundamental in the activities developed by RNA.

We maintain high standards in monitoring the quality of the service provided, and our mission is to fully protect people by helping them effectively when they need it most, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


RNA bases its offer on customized solutions that are suitable for each market segment, privileging flexibility and adaptability according to the needs of our partners, aiming at:

• The provision of an Outstanding Service; 

• Adding value to our partners; 

• Being a reference in the creation of integrated solutions; 

• Maximum speed and efficiency in the development of products and services. 


RNA guides its activity by defending values such as Trust, Ambition, Honesty, Excellence, Commitment and Rigour, for which it seeks:

• To provide products and services in the areas of travel assistance / health assistance / personal injuries / home assistance and legal protection, with quality and in full compliance with the applicable regulatory and legal requirements, regulations and other requirements that the company subscribes to. • To ensure the satisfaction of customers, suppliers and stakeholders, fostering a high sense of responsibility, competitiveness and maximization of results.

• Establish and promote partnerships with international and national companies to meet the demands of the market and the needs and expectations of customers, as well as the continuous identification of new business opportunities.

• To ensure data and information security in what concerns authenticity, integrity, availability and confidentiality;

• In case of an incident, to guarantee the continuity of the business within a previously defined period of time;

• To promote awareness programmes and to encourage the continuous training and professional updating of our staff, so that they are aware of their individual and collective responsibilities and value everyone's work. • To promote continuous improvement by evaluating the performance of the Integrated Management System, in the definition and revision of the objectives established by the company.

It is the responsibility of RNA's Board to define and approve the Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity Policy in force. In this way, RNA's Board is responsible for creating the favourable conditions within the organisation for its Policy to be disseminated, understood and implemented by its staff.

Objectives of the Integrated Management System 

In order to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and its processes, RNA has strategically defined its Objectives.
These objectives are consistent with the company's strategic options and consistent with the company's Quality Policy, Information Security and Business Continuity.
RNA monitors and evaluates the achievement of the Objectives through the definition, quantification and measurement and/or monitoring of indicators and actions that allow objective verification of their achievement.
RNA seeks to establish its own spirit and culture, covering the various functions of the company as a whole, and is consolidating the objectives designed for its activities.

The objectives to be achieved are the following:

• to guarantee the exemplary quality of the products and services provided;

• customer satisfaction and loyalty; 

• satisfaction and motivation of the company's staff; 

• adequacy, rationalization and optimization of processes and means;

• improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's staff;

• minimize the damage caused by potential incidents;

• consolidation, profitability and business expansion.

RNA wants to distinguish itself by the dynamism of its organization, by the culture, technical competence and suitability of its resources, through the supply of a set of processes and products capable of outstandingly satisfying the requirements and expectations of its clients.